Cotton Fibre

Our presence in cotton business includes Shankar-6, Fair Trade Cotton, J-34, V-797, Y-1, MCU-5, MECH, DCH-32. We also deal in Organic & BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) Cotton.

Cotton Types:
(GPT Min)
MIC RangeRemarks
1-1/8"283.5-4.9Roller Ginned
1-1/8"283.5-4.9Roller Ginned Contamination Controlled
1-1/8"283.5-4.9Roller Ginned Contamination Controlled
1-1/8"283.5-4.9Roller Ginned
1-1/8"273.5-4.9Roller Ginned Contamination Controlled
1-1/8"293.5-4.9Roller Ginned
1-1/32"273.5-4.9Saw Ginned
15/16"263.5-4.9Saw Ginned

  • Dealing with a trusted name and hence you get reliability in supply and quality of service.
  • Definite gains from increased realisation, efficiencies in production system on using cottons where consistency of grading and quality is maintained.
  • Special focus on tackling contamination and eforts have given good result in the past few years and could gain from expertise and substitute other expensive growths.

Our Esteemed Suppliers:
  • M/s Arvind Ltd.
  • M/s Rimtex Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s Gollhar Ginning, Hinganghat
  • M/s Akshar Cotton, Kalavad
  • & Many Others

Polyester Fibre

We are regular suppliers of both Polyester Filament and Polyester Staple Fibre of all varieties. We also deal in speciality products such as Stretch Polyester, Polyester with Lycra, Cotton Feel Polyester. Microfibre, Fire Retardant and Cented Polyester. We also deal in Fibrefill which is India's only hollow fibre specially designed for filling and insulation purpose.