Dehygrated Food Products

We are the suppliers of high quality solar dehydrated fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs that are produced at professionally managed SSI units based around Ahmedabad. We ensure a supply of 100% clean and best quality products that retain the best flavour and taste.

Benefits of Solar Dehydration:
Solar dehydration only minimally affects the nutritional value of foods, especially when the process takes place in a controlled atmosphere with all hygienic conditions being taken care of in manufacturing unit. When you dehydrate Vegetables and Fruits under gentle conditions (Controlled & Correct temperature without any stops for a reasonable amount of drying time), you produce a high-quality product. Compared with canning and freezing, both of which involve extreme temperatures, food drying is the least damaging form of food preservation.

Here are some specifics:
  • Vitamin A is retained during the drying process.
  • The caloric value of a fresh food stays the same when it is dried, although some dried foods, fruits for example, taste sweeter because the water has been removed and the sugar is concentrated.
  • Dried fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and carbohydrates, neither of which is affected by drying.
  • Dried fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat. Minerals available in certain fresh fruits-such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and so on-are also not altered when the fruit is dried.
  • Some vitamin C is lost during the drying process because vitamin C is an air-soluble nutrient and food drying is an air-based process.

Our Associate:
  • M/s Jinal Agro Industries, Ahmedabad